Your winter wonderland quickly becomes a fight for survival during a weekend trip to the country. With nothing more than a rustic lit lantern to explore and a Lake Effect storm rolling in, it’s time to restore power to your family cabin and find a way to keep warm before it’s too late!

PLAYERS: 4 - 8





Step back in time to an era of brilliance, beauty, and bizarre design. You and your friends are exploring the historical and supernatural Mystery Mansion when one of you gets trapped inside the seance room! Work together to rescue your friend, solve the mansion’s mystical secrets, and forgotten past or you may never escape this mind bending labyrinth!

PLAYERS: 4 - 10





Escape the Morgue 4D *5-Senses Experience Not for the Faint of Heart!* It's the middle of the night and you've broken into Morbid State Asylum's morgue after discovering your relative has "passed away." With only 20 minutes to escape, find your antique family heirloom they held so dearly before the sinister doctors return to cremate the body and add you to their pile of corpses.

PLAYERS: 2 - 4














What is an Escape Room?
Similar to the haunted houses our team designs, escape rooms are fully immersive themed experiences for 4-8 players working together to beat the room before time runs out! With 60 minutes to explore the room, discover its secrets and solve a plethora of puzzles linked to the overall theme, escape rooms are perfect for a group of friends & family, corporate events, birthday parties and everything in between!

Where are you located?
We are located at Buffalo RiverWorks: 359 Ganson Street, Buffalo, NY, 14203. When arriving, please use right side of building parking lots available. Walk toward the famous “Labatt Blue Silos” and the escape room entrance is located under the elevated covered walkway along the left side of building.

How much is it?
Each reservation is $25 per person plus tax.

How long is the experience and when should we arrive?
Each room available is 60 minutes long…Do you have walk it takes to stop the clock? Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early for reservation check-in and introduction to your themed adventure!

When are you open?
Escape room reservations are open Friday (3PM-9:30PM) - Saturday (11AM-10PM) - Sunday (11AM-6:30PM)

Do we really get locked in the room?
Now where would the fun be if we didn’t do that! Yes, once your game master has gone over rules and introduction, your group will be guided to your chosen adventure and remain locked inside until you either run out of time or stop the clock!

What if I need to leave?
We understand, emergencies happen. Please remember once you have left the room you may not re-enter and there are no refunds.

Are we being watched?
Yes, each themed adventure has a Game Master whom will be your introduction when checking in. The Game Master will have live audio and video feed of the room to assist with clues, maybe answer questions (if he’s in a giving mood), and make sure your overall experience is the best possible!

Do we need to bring anything?
Please bring a printout of your booking confirmation.

Are cellphones or photography/video allowed?
Phones are permitted, but we ask you turn them OFF or silence as to not ruin the immersive and theatrical experience for anyone else in your group! Photography and video recorded are NOT ALLOWED.

Are walk-ins accepted?
Yes, only if there are still reservation time slots open for either room. Credit and debit are accepted for walk-in reservations.

Is it scary?
We at District of the Dead - Morbid Entertainment are naturally passionate about haunted houses and the Halloween industry. However, our escape rooms are designed as family fun, fully immersive and theatrical experiences for all ages! You can bet there may be a more intense experience in the works though…not for the faint of heart!

How large a group may I book for a room?
Our Lake Effect Cabin is designed for a 4-6 player experience, while our Mystery Mansion can accommodate 4-10 players. The MINIMUM number of players needed to make a reservation is 4 guests.

Can children play the escape rooms?
Yes, however all children under the age of 13 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at least 18 years old. We want kids to have an equally safe and great time as they do at our haunted houses!

Are corporate or private bookings available?
Yes, please contact us at if interested in booking both rooms for multiple groups, birthday parties, or corporate events.

If I booked a room for 4 players, can I add more?
We will do our best to accommodate your group. If there are still open reservations available online for your time slot and game of choice, please make the additional reservations. Extra friends or family that come along with your reservations are not guaranteed player spots for that given time.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?
Cancellations are permitted within 48 hours or more of your reservation for a full refund. No shows or cancellations attempted to be made in less than 48 hour period are not permitted and will not receive a refund.

What if I have a medical condition?
We want everyone to have an excellent experience in our rooms! However, escape rooms, like haunted houses are not recommended for anyone prone to serious heart conditions, seizures, asthma, anxiety or women whom are pregnant. Our themed adventures utilize theatrical and fully immersive FX for the best and most exciting game play!